Pham The Vinh

Head of Medical Affairs - Oncology

Novartis Pharma Services AG, Viet Nam

On behalf of the Medical Affairs – Oncology of Novartis Pharma in Vietnam, I want to give my sincere thanks to all members of GazeFi team: designers, producers & all technicians in the medical booth of Novartis Oncology Vietnam in the 2nd Pan-Asian Conference on Haemoglobinopathies held in Hanoi from 26th to 27th September 2015.
We knew that preparation process for set up of this booth met a lot of difficulties because of strict policies of the hotel & a very late –ending event in the 25th Sep. In that inconvenient situation, your team did a great effort & still ensure great quality of your service. Our leaders of regional management gave a very high apprecitation on the quality of this booth.
We wish you a big success in your business & hope to work with you in others projects in the future.

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